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und seine Partner - Geschichte und Neuigkeiten

Der wichtigste Partner eines Theater ist natürlich sein Publikum. Und weil wir unser Publikum gern behalten, auch wenn es dem Kindesalter entwachsen ist, haben wir die Hamburger Kammeroper ALLEE THEATER für Erwachsene gegründet.

Außerdem finden Sie hier Informationen über alle wichtigen Förderer, Freunde und Sponsoren, über die bewegte Geschichte des "Theater für Kinder" und über die besonderen Angebote unserer Gastronomie.

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"Theater for Children" since 1968

  • Founded on 27 February 1968 by Uwe Deeken. Germany's oldest children's theater.
  • World premieres from works of famous authors like Michael Ende, James Krüss, Astrid Lindgren, Paul Maar, Christine Nöstlinger and Otto Preussler.
  • Since 1974 Barbara Hass, wife of Uwe Deeken, works as an author, costume-designer and dramatic adviser.
  • World premiere of "The Little Magic Flute" on 4 September 1979. Since 1979 classic opera for children, including Wagner's "Ring of the Nibelungen", is part of the yearly program.
  • For the theater's 25th anniversary in 1993, Wolfgang Soering composed the opera "About the Fisher and his Wife" from a text by Barbara Hass.
  • As of February 1987 Barbara Hass produced a new form of children concerts- "concert theater", combining stage sets, acted out scenes with fairytale texts, and light design.
  • As of 1992, the choreographer Ralf Dörnen and the stage director Claus Gutbier produced children's pieces combining classical ballet and spoken dialogues with texts by Barbara Hass. The successful results were three ballets from Peter Tschaikovsky-"The Nutcracker", "Sleeping Beauty", and "Swan Lake".
  • On 1 November 1996 "The Hamburg Chamber Opera Allee Theater" for adults was opened in conjunction with the "Theater for Children" by the Deeken family. The first performance was Donizetti's "Viva la Mama".

This second theater within the established children's theater was possible because of a computer based baroque stage technique.

  • Over the past few years the interest in children's musical theater as grown tremendously. School classes have come to the "Theater for Children" from all of northern Germany. Also teacher's seminars and special education material about the productions have been developed.
  • At Oktober 2009 the "Theater for Children" started to play Musicals for younger children (3 to 6 years), written by Barbara Hass an composed by Barbara Henneberg. Well known and price-winning picturce books were adapted: "Little Dodo" by Serena Romanelli/Hans de Beer and "Lupinchen", written and illustrated by Binette Schroeder.

The "Theater for Children" supports and produces culture for children, and helps them in their character development. This view is supported by competent journalists as well as researchers, teachers and parents.

Prizes and Awards

  • 1976 "Assitej Kindertheaterfestival" Sofia/Bulgaria Prize for "Till Eulenspiegel"
  • 1986 26. Jugoslavenski Festival Djeteta in Sibenik Prize for "Eine kleine Zauberflöte"
  • 27 October 1991 "Silberne Maske" from Hamburg's Volksbühne.
  • Mobil Pegasus Prize 2000 for a co-production between "Theater for Children" and "Hamburg Chamber Opera" of Carl Maria Weber's "Der Freischütz".
  • Ambassador for Hamburg's children's culture at the EXPO 2000
  • Excellent Performance Award, Shanghai 2004
  • Senator-Biermann-Ratjen Medaillen 2009 for Director Uwe Deeken and his wife Barbara Hass.

    AUGUST 2016: We have a new Director: Prof. Birgit Scherzer 
    Mr. and Mrs. Deeken are happy. A new Theatre Generation can start. 

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